Jul 2nd WangNET and Dutch Media are merging!

It’s exciting news, which will see the wonderful service WangNET has provided over the last 15 years extended with a range of new services. We thought it deserved giving the brand a little freshen up. We hope you like it! Importantly, your service structure won’t change, but you will be able to explore a range of new digital and traditional ... Read More »

Oct 14th Australia Post freight calculator outage

Australia Post has advised us that they will be making changes to their online freight calculator from 10pm on Friday October 17 through until nearly midnight Saturday October 18. This means that if your website uses a link to the online freight calculator, it will be unable to calculate the correct freight during this period. Depending on your ... Read More »

Oct 9th "Domain Register" and "Domain Name Group" domain notices

Yes, the scammers are at it again. A lot of people are receiving notices from Domain Register or Domain Name Group in Little Collins St, Melbourne, offering what appear to be domain renewal notices for your domain name at a cost of $245 for 2 years, sometimes with a "free" iPod or other special offer. If you read these notices carefully you will ... Read More »

Sep 1st Get status updates on Twitter

Clients are reminded that we issue all service status updates via Twitter to ensure fastest availability. To receive service status updates from us, follow @WangNETSupport on Twitter today

Mar 3rd Bogus messages about domains and trademarks

We originally issued this advisory 5 years ago but it is still an issue so we are reissuing it as a reminder.It has become quite common now for owners of certain domain names to receive an unsolicited email from an overseas organisation warning you that someone else is trying to register a domain name similar to yours. These are often for domain ... Read More »

Jan 27th Beware of emails from "Webmail Helpdesk"

Recently a number of emails have been circulating warning you that unless you reply to the email and provide certain personal details that your webmail account will be shut down. Please note that these emails are a scam, are not from us, and are simply an attempt to steal your personal details. If you receive such an email please simply delete it ... Read More »

Apr 27th Service updates on Twitter

To obtain updates on outages or other service issues, follow @WangNETSupport on Twitter:


May 3rd Asian Domain names

If you conduct business within Asia, or are intending to in future, you might want to consider registering an Asian domain name. The .asia domains have recently been released and are low cost. There are also many country-specific Asian domain names available, such .cn for China. Visit http://domains.wangnet.com.au to see the options available, to ... Read More »

May 17th Domain names not showing?

If you have logged in to your account and are wondering why your domain name is not shown but your hosting package is, it is because your domain name was registered through our other system and the record is being maintained there. To see full details of your domain name(s) through that system, go to http://domains.wangnet.com.au and click ... Read More »

Apr 28th New system for your convenience

WangNET is introducing a new integrated online support and billing system which we expect will make it much easier for you to manage your account and services. If you have been a client for a while but have just received an email informing you that your account has now been set up, this is the reason. You can now manage your own account ... Read More »