What is PHP?

PHP is an open source, server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language that is often used as a front-end for databases, such as MySQL. It is much easier to configure (no permissions to set, it can run from any directory, etc.) and much of what you can do with a CGI script you can do using PHP. The development community for PHP is gigantic, so there will be more and more applications that will be using it in the years to come. Our design team know PHP very well, and if you are finding that designing your own website and scripting is a little too hard for you, then donít hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss the possible design of your site by our team of web developers.† Our CMS packages use PHP extensively, and allow you to create websites using PHP, but without you having to know anything about PHP itself.

PHP scripts need to have a .php. .php3 or .php4 (etc) extension.

We do not provide support for PHP debugging except as part of design work. For further information and PHP resources, try these places:

http://www.php.net/ (Official Site)





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